What makes us different from all other bottled water?

What makes us different from all other bottled water?

The answer is as simple as our product. 

When we created Siii we had one thing on our minds, nature and our environment.


Our water 

Siii water comes from Maredskälla, a natural spring filled with pure mineral drinking water. 

To intrigue the tastebuds we added a few drops of natural aromas and organic apple concentrate, and just a few bubbles of carbon dioxide.

All this to work in balance to complement the water and to bring you the best drinking experience. 


The bottle

The choice was easy because to be able to carbonate our water a plastic bottle was necessary. We decided to use 100% recycled quality plastic in our bottled, cap, and label. 

And to stay with our sustainable path, we also use environmental-friendly glue and inc for our labels. 


Did we stop there in our chase for better bottled water?

No, we choose to take an even bigger responsibility by CO2 compensating our products with the help of Climadier.com.

Climadier will help us calculate our CO2 emissions and compensate them by supporting climate projects, an example would be reforesting. 


Our theme, our choices, our products are made from nature and made to make it last.


If we haven't convinced you by now, our water will when you give it a taste.


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