Siii water is now available in the US!

Siii water is now available in the US!

Siii is sparkling Swedish spring water with natural and organic fruit aromas.
This product of nature allows for a lifestyle of self-care & wellbeing and certainty. 
The certainty that Siii is friendly for the environment and good for your body - pure and natural.

A product choice that allows you to exhale and just enjoy the delicious taste of pure spring water and natural fruit.


Siii is carbonated spring water, flavored with organic natural aromas. There are currently four available flavors: Black currant, raspberry, lemon, and apple. 

The use of natural aromas in Siii is the way to eliminate the need for sugar and, at the same time, enable the fantastic natural taste of each fruit variety.
There is no hocus pocus - it is simply the essence of the fruit.
The fact that Siii is also an organic product is just a bonus for you and nature.

Natural aroma is from NATURE, being a direct extract from the fruit itself. Therefore is the reason for the pureness of our flavors - and the reason why Siii also won the international "Best Flavoured Drink" award at IWA in 2019.


Siii comes in a clear 16.9 fl oz, high-quality PET bottle made of 100% recycled plastic!


Siii is a certified carbon offset product with the help of!
We don't only bring nature in a bottle but also care for the nature we have.

This means that we will offset our CO2 emissions from producing our products to shipping them over the Atlantic.

This is the future for imported bottled water, and hopefully, our competition will soon do the same!


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