Our bottles!

Our bottles!

We needed a bottle that would match our natural water and guide our products into a more sustainable future. 
Simply a bottle we could be proud of, a bottle to be more sustainable. 

Therefore we choose to only use 100% recycled plastic in our bottled, cap, and label, and we didn't stop there. 
We also sourced eco-friendly glue and inc for our labels.

And our label is made of clear plastic to show our thirst-quenching spring water. 

YES to Nature!


All this describes the bottles we have today, but we are let you in on a secret. 
We are already in this year launching a new and improved bottle. A bottle that could solve one of the biggest problems we all have with plastic bottles today. That is the recycling of the bottle cap.
Most caps will get lost before reaching the recycling station and will never be recycled!

What if we found a way where the cap could stay on the bottle after you opened it? ;)


If you would like to read more about our bottle materials, check out this link: https://siii.dk/pages/pet-genanvendelse

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